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ArtIcons Pro 5.20. windows icon
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ArtIcons Pro 5.20 is an Windows icon editor

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ArtIcons Pro 5.20

Using Icon Editors to Edit Windows Icon

The latest version of Windows which is called Windows 7 is loaded with brand new technologies. The most noticeable of all is the enhancement of the graphic interface of the Windows icon.

The user interface that is used on windows vista are so much improved that they eye catching, display the text with a very good resolution plus they use a high resolution icons. Windows icon in the vista explorer utilizes a high resolution of 256 x 256 icons. 256 x 256 pixels may sound to be too much for the displays that are used currently, well vista has the capability to down scale the images to any size dynamically. By use of large icons, the windows vista explorer is well prepared to use its icon editors for the future displays which have very high resolution [DPI].

There is a slider controller which is used for the regulation or controlling the images in windows explorer. Whereby, the sliders are used as a replacement of the discrete view mode that is used in windows XP. The windows vista operating system facilitates the possibility for assigning different modes of view and different size of the icons used in each folder. It can be said that it is not a very new idea for the accommodation of 256 x 256 pixels in an icon. This kind of a feature has always been available in windows XP and other systems that were used previously.

For an icon with all twelve formats will require more than 400 KB. The problem is that this 400KB is a lot more than what a typical icon of windows XP would require which is approximately 25KB. This problem was solved by Microsoft by extending the format of the icon. The images which are stored in vista are stored PNG compression whereby the size can be edited with the icon editors and reduced to the required size. Since PNG looses very little plus it supports the 8 bit alpha channel, the quality of your icon will be maintained.

Currently, only 256 x 256 compressions of icons can are used by windows vista. As a result, there is a backwards compatibility with previous windows systems. What will happen when you are using windows XP is that it will ignore the high resolution image or rather icon and load 48 x 48 standard pixel icons. The biggest question that is running in your head is whether there is the possibility of compression of all images in an icon? The answer is yes and as a matter of fact they occupy a lesser space and they work very well with windows vista. It should be noted that the results will not be same when subjected to windows XP.

If you want to create a vista icon you will simply be required to add an image with high resolution from a file which is executable and then convert them to windows XP. For you to be able to achieve this, you will have to save them without compressing them.

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