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Any to Icon converter
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Icon Converter

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Aha-Soft Icon to Any is an icon converter for Windows.

Icon to Any 3.29 allows you to convert Windows icons, cursors and Mac OS icons into ICO, ICNS, CUR, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, XBM, XPM, WBMP and RC files. You can resize existing icons. It's possible to split icons into sub-images and group these sub-images by sizes in according folders. You can convert Mac OS to Windows icons and vice versa. This wizard can easily process multiple files at once. You can find icons and make images for use on Web pages.

icon converter

Supported formats:
  • ICO - Windows Icon
  • ICNS - Mac OS Icon
  • CUR - Windows Cursor
  • BMP - Windows Bitmap
  • GIF - Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format
  • JPG - JPEG JFIF Image
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop Image
  • TIF - TIFF Image
  • XBM - X Bitmap
  • XPM - X Pixmap
  • WBMP - Wireless Bitmap
  • RC - Resource Compiler Source Code
System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10, 12 MB Hard Disk.

Trial version limitations: Nag-screen, 5 files can be converted only at once, 30 days trial period.

Download (5.2 MB):  exe   zip

Download Icon Converter     Purchase Icon Converter

How to uninstall Icon to Any from a computer

Image converter history
 2019-Mar-23 Icon to Any 3.29
Improved: Support for Mac OS icons
 2018-Sep-17 Icon to Any 3.28
Fixed: Problems with antivirus software
 2016-Jul-28 Icon to Any 3.27
Fixed: Minor bugs
 2016-Jul-23 Icon to Any 3.26
Fixed: Small bugs within icon resizing
 2016-Jan-28 Icon to Any 3.25
Fixed: Minor bugs
 2015-May-14 Icon to Any 3.24
Added: Support for PNG-encoded 1024x1024 Mac OS X icons
Added: Support for 768x768 Windows icons
 2013-Nov-25 Icon to Any 3.23
Fixed: Small bugs
 2013-Oct-11 Icon to Any 3.22
Added: Support for Mac OS icons
Added: Ability to group result images by sizes in folders
 2012-Jul-09 Icon to Any 3.21
Updated: Splash screen
 2011-Dec-08 Icon to Any 3.20
Improved: Compatibility with 64-bit Windows
 2009-Feb-19 Icon to Any 3.11
Fixed: Some bugs with empty ICO files.
 2008-Mar-21 Icon to Any 3.10
Added: Ability to extract 256x256 images from Windows Vista icons.
 2007-Feb-20 Icon to Any 3.02
Added: Feedback option
 2006-May-25 Icon to Any 3.01
Added: Ability to include icon resolution information into file names
 2006-Jan-23 Icon to Any 3.0
Added: Support for Windows Vista icons
 2004-Dec-09 Icon to Any 2.05
Added: Ability to store converted files in the source folder
 2004-Jul-22 Icon to Any 2.04
Modified: Help file format changed to .chm
 2004-Jun-15 Icon to Any 2.03
Fixed: Small bugs
 2004-Apr-14 Icon to Any 2.02
Added: Ability to convert icons to transparent 256-colored PNG images
 2004-Mar-20 Icon to Any 2.01
Added: Ability to modify icon image size and color depth
 2003-Mar-07 Icon to Any 2.0
Added: Support for Adobe Photoshop (PSD), X Pixmap (XPM) and X Bitmap (XBM) formats
Modified: Any format can be converted with unregistered version
Modified: 5 files can be converted at once in the unregistered version
 2002-Jun-23 Icon to Any 1.22
Added: Support for semitransparent PNG images
 2001-Nov-23 Icon to Any 1.21
Added: Frame resolution filter
 2001-Apr-18 Icon to Any 1.2
Added: Conversion to WBMP format
Fixed: Small bugs